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Online Success Services

Success Coaching

Our success coaches guide students from enrollment to degree completion. We conduct success coaching meetings over the phone, online, or in person. We also connect you with resources that will help you troubleshoot technology issues, pay for classes, and help you with your coursework. We organize online webinars and workshops tailored toward the challenges and issues most relevant to distance learners, so you always have access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise offered by our faculty and staff. Here, you are a valued part of the Loyola community.

Meet our Coaches

Corina CaraccioliCorina Caraccioli

Director of Online Student Success and Certified InsideTrack Student Coach and Trainer

Dr. Corina Caraccioli is Assistant Dean of City College and Loyola Online and also serves as the Online Student Success Director overseeing the team of certified success coaches. After earning her doctoral degree, she moved to New Orleans and joined the Loyola community, becoming a champion for students in online programs. Her doctoral degree, coaching and teaching experience in adult education, and her genuine care for online learners have provided an in-depth understanding of adult learners’ challenges and opportunities for success in higher education. She is always excited to connect with you, and you can reach out whenever you have any questions. 

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Call: 504-865-2095
Text: 985-605-0038

Joy DavidJoy David

Associate Director of Online Student Success and Certified InsideTrack Student Coach

Joy David is the Associate Director of Online Student Success, as well as a certified InsideTrack Student Coach. She began her Loyola career in the Department of Sociology, as Office Manager, in January 2007. In July of 2017, she became the Office Manager for the Department of Criminology as well. She joined the Online Team in August 2018 and in her current role, Ms. David coordinates online registration services for new and persisting students in our non-nursing online programs. In addition, as a member of the Online Student Success Team she coaches students and assists with and supports the university’s retention initiatives.

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Call: 504-865-2181

Esme RobertEsme Robert 

Assistant Director of online student success and Certified InsideTrack Student Coach and Trainer 

Esme Robert has spent years coaching students from different backgrounds. Before joining Loyola she was a coach for online students working toward achieving their High School Equivalency Test. With experience at many levels of education from elementary to college to teaching formerly incarcerated men and women, Esme believes deeply in making education accessible for all members of our community. As a Loyola alumna, she's excited to serve the community that shaped her into who she is today. She cherishes the opportunity to be a part of your educational journey. Esme is a certified InsideTrack Student Coach as well as a certified InsideTrack Trainer. As a success coach, Esme supports students in a variety of ways based on the student's individual needs. Esme assists online students in connecting with the many resources available to them. She has regular coaching meetings with students to help them strategize on reaching their personal and academic goals. She is also here to navigate specific challenges that may arise. Esme is here to support all online students!

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Call: 504-865-2496
Text: 504-323-4762

Elizabeth HenningElizabeth Henning

Certified InsideTrack Student Coach

Elizabeth Henning is a certified InsideTrack Student Coach who began her career in higher education in 2016, working with adult learners in a variety of ways.  Having completed a degree online, she understands the hardships that lots of adult learners go through, and she is ready to help other students be successful through them.  She is passionate about assisting students stay on track and complete their degree, so never hesitate to reach out! 

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Call: 504-865-3552
Text: 504-588-6095 

Chakayla CoulterChakayla Coulter

ONline success graduate assistant

Chakayla Coulter is a current student in the MS in Counseling program and the Online Success Graduate Assistant.  She is thrilled to join the Online Success Coaching team! Working with students in a mentorship capacity has always been a passion of Chakayla's.  She enjoys seeing students progress throughout their educational journey and reach beyond their potential.  She is so excited to be an asset for our Online students and be a small part of their testimonies.

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Call or Text: 504-588-6063