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Message from the Dean of City College

Paul CesariniDr. Paul Cesarini is the Dean of Online & City College. He also oversees Summer Session administration.


Welcome back! I realize that might sound somewhat odd, given that we’ve never actually met, but I’d like to think I know you. Maybe you started working on a degree years ago (or decades ago) and then life happened, and you weren’t able to finish it. Maybe you work more than one job or sometimes work different or atypical shifts. Maybe you’re a single parent or caregiver for elderly relatives. Maybe you’re already established in your career but need an advanced degree, certificate, or credential for that next big promotion. Maybe you’re in somewhat of a rut and are looking to switch careers and try something different.

Do any of those sound like you? If so, then we have met and City College has you covered. I’ve been involved with online education for over 20 years now. I’ve developed undergraduate and graduate programs designed for working adults such as yourself for most of my professional life. My staff and I are a “One Stop Shop,” with your success at Loyola being our only goal. We look forward to connecting you to your dreams, whether or not you’re a first generation adult learner, an active duty service member, or someone just looking for that next big step.

We’re here for you.

City College is here for you.


Paul Cesarini

Dr. Paul Cesarini
Professor and Dean, Online & Digital Learning and City College
Loyola University New Orleans