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Online Student Newsletter

A monthly publication for our online student population that includes sections on the latest news, tips, and tools, and spotlights for outstanding students, faculty, and staff in the Loyola Online community.

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Online Student Newsletter

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Latest News

  • May 11th - Last Day of Classes
  • May 11th - Last Day to Withdraw from the University
  • May 12th - City College Graduation Reception for Online Students
  • May 13th - Commencement Ceremony
  • May 15th - May 2-Week Session begins and last day for drop/add.
  • May 15th - 1st 7 week session begins.
  • May 17th - Last day to add for 1st week session.
  • May 19th - Last day to drop for 1st week session.
  • May 21st - Participation deadline for May 2-Week Session & 1st 7 Week Session as noted in Loyola's Administrative Withdrawal Policy.

Celebrating Our Graduates

Heartfelt congratulations to all our graduates! Many of you have been juggling school, work, and family commitments; you persevered and have made it to the finish line. We are so proud of your accomplishments and we hope to see you at the Graduation Reception for Online Students on May 12 to celebrate together. 

The Graduation Reception for Online Students is not related to your participation in the commencement ceremony. For information about commencement, please check the commencement website. If you would like to watch the Commencement Ceremony live, click HERE.

Graduate Spotlight: Candice Wright

Candice Wright

Major: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

The faculty and staff at Loyola have been very supportive over the last 2.5 years. I’m grateful for the compassion and grace that they extended to me that helped me stay motivated, even through some very difficult personal experiences I had to endure over the course of completing my degree. 

If I could offer any advice to someone considering Loyola Online, it would be this: You will always be able to find a reason to say it’s not the right time but all it takes is that one moment to say yes to yourself & your dreams. That’s the hardest thing for adults to do, but once you make the commitment and start the first class, you’ll wonder what took you so long to do this for yourself. Just know you’re right where you’re supposed to be at the time you’re supposed to be there. 

Loyola Online has given me the tools to excel and succeed in life, personally and professionally. I’ve learned just as much about myself as I have about business and management in the last 2.5 years. I’m so grateful that I made this investment in myself and look forward to everything that is to come after graduation. 

Graduate Spotlight: Patricia Smith

Patricia Smith

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

I could not have gotten this degree without the ability to do it online and having the support of a caring faculty and staff. I loved all of my classes and the professors who taught them. Some seemed to become my friends and always asked how I was doing after another medical crisis. This was very uplifting as the folks at home were telling me to stop, quit, give up, retire! Drs. Erin Dupuis and Corina Caraccioli were there at the beginning and were always supportive when I encountered another weird medical event. Each individual professor were helpful in their classes and were very accommodating. And then there is Maris Hasners, who is the most awesome bookstore manager any school could have. He kept me sane. I hope to put names and faces together at graduation.

Choosing Loyola University and having the opportunity to get an awesome education online is the best educational decision I’ve ever made. I would recommend it to anyone who is not a procrastinator, has a good sense of time management, and is willing to work. It’s not easy, but it has been the best experience in academia I have had (and I’ve had a lot).

Graduate Spotlight: Carlos Bernard

Carlos Bernard

Major: Master of Business Administration

I am excited to announce with the support of my wife, two daughters and family, that I will be graduating this Spring commencement of May 13th , 2023, with my master’s degree in business administration. At first, I was hesitant about signing on with Loyola Online, but after doing some research and asking some of my co-workers within the Vineyard of the Youth and Young Adult ministries throughout the USA, I was convinced it was the best route to take and it sure was. It was so perfect for me, in a sense that it gave me time to do the work required, but also to make time for my family. I will tell you that it took a bit for me to get used to it in the beginning but with the great support of the Professors, the educating component became easier. I was also afraid that I was going to miss being part of a class, but the Professors made that transition easy when they assigned group projects that connected the class.

With this MBA degree and my gift of serving others, I will continue to serve those within my church community that I serve here in Orlando, Florida and beyond.

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Latest News

  • April 21st - Last Day for Course Withdrawal from 2nd 8-week and full semester classes
  • April 25th - Burnout Webinar
  • May 11th - Last Day of Classes
  • May 11th - Last Day to Withdraw from the University
  • May 12th - City College Graduation Reception for Online Students
  • May 13th - Commencement Ceremony

Summer and Fall Registration

Summer and Fall Registration is open!  Summer courses begin on May 15th, and Fall courses begin on August 21st.  Find available courses HERE, and reach out to your advisor with any questions about registering for classes.

Burnout Webinar


Feeling burned out? Tune in to the upcoming webinar on Tuesday, April 25th, at 1:00pm (Central Time) presented by Madison Bates, Online Success Coach and graduate student in our Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, to learn some coping strategies and ways to avoid it! 

Join the following Zoom link to tune in live. The webinar recording will be shared.

Graduation Reception

Online & City College is hosting a Graduation Reception for Online Students on Friday, May 12, 5:00-7:00PM in the Monroe Library. Check your email for more information.

This event is not related to your participation in the commencement ceremony. For information about commencement, please check the commencement website. If you would like to watch the Commencement Ceremony live, click HERE

Student Spotlight: Jamal Melancon 

Jamal Melancon

"I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and expect to graduate in Spring 2024. As the father of a newborn son since January 21, I have immense gratitude to be able to attend university online. Living out of fatherhood for the first time, as I stay at home and take care of my partner and I's baby makes my experience as a student unique. It's been especially a pleasure empathizing with my professor, Dr. Caraccioli, on being a parent, while maintaining goals in the world of academia. She has helped me plan for obtaining a master's degree through Loyola Online. You can tell that instructors and students of the wolf pack community truly value the precious communication we share online, as we take courses.

I want to use my learning from Loyola to become an English teacher and professor, and I highly recommend the university's online program for those passionate about creating their own healthy educational environment. My Religion professor Dr. Mary Kaska highlighted the uniqueness of Loyola's wolf pack term, and I couldn't be happier that the pack exists online as well to provide more diverse opportunities to the community."

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Latest News

  • March 20th - 2nd 8-Week Courses Begin and Registration Continues
  • March 22nd - Last Day for 2nd 8-Week Registration and Add
  • March 24th - Last Day for Drop
  • March 27th - Fall Advising Begins
  • April 11th - Fall Registration Begins

Please familiarize yourself with Loyola's Administrative Drop Policy 
For classes that began today, the participation deadline is Sunday, March 26th at 11:59pm.

Summer Session

Summer Session 2023

Catch up on credits or get ahead in your degree with Summer Session!  Find classes at, register on LORA Self-Service, and learn more at  Classes begin May 15, 2023, and are filling up quickly, so don't wait!  Reach out to your advisor with any questions.


Thank you for your responses to our Pulse Survey! We heard you, and will continue to listen. One common theme involves tutoring - as an online student, you have tutoring resources available to you in Canvas!  Go to the "Online Student Resources" course in Canvas and click on " 24/7 Online Tutoring" on the left side of the page. You are assigned three hours.

If you need more time please email us at

Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Dr. Elin Grissom

Elin Grissom

"My current role at Loyola Online is as the Program Director for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program, and I also teach online as faculty in Psychological Sciences.
My experience with Loyola Online has been one I've really enjoyed, it's great to be a part of the team working with students virtually. I've been fortunate to be a part of teaching online at Loyola for a few years now, and I find it very rewarding to reach out and interact with students in a different way.
I think the expansion of Loyola Online has been a great way to reach out and connect with students from a variety of backgrounds and geographical areas to be part of the Loyola and City College communities!"

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Latest News

  • February 20th-24th - Mardi Gras Holidays
  • February 27th - Classes Resume
  • February 27th - Last Day for Course Withdrawal for 1st 8 Week Session
  • February 27th - Summer 2023 Registration Advising Begins
  • March 6th - Summer 2023 Registration Begins

Financial Aid Information

Students using financial aid must reapply with a new FAFSA each school year and the 2023-24 FAFSA is available online now!

  • 2023-24 financial aid packages will be available 6 - 8 weeks from now. Students will receive an email notification once their package is ready to review in LORA Self-Service. 
  • All online students are offered financial aid awards for the summer term by completing the FAFSA, an additional application is not required. 
  • The new school year for all graduate and doctorate students begins in the summer term, so don't wait to reapply.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Havoc

Although Mardi Gras is often associated with New Orleans, king cakes, and Krewes, it is also a Catholic holiday rich in history and tradition that spans the globe. Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday” and refers to the tradition of eating generally unhealthy foods and meat before the 40 days of fasting, beginning the following day, on Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the start of the Lenten Season in which we begin to prepare our hearts for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"Mardi Gras is the love of life. It is the harmonic convergence of our food, our music, our creativity, our eccentricity, our neighborhoods, and our joy of living. All at once." —Chris Rose

Pulse Survey

Please take our survey below and let us know how classes are going so far!

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Student Spotlight: Melena Busse   

Melena Busse       

"I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, intending to graduate in fall 2023. My experience with Loyola Online has been nothing short of amazing! As someone who has tried out multiple other online programs, I can confidently say look no further than Loyola! From advisors to professors, all have made sure I was involved and doing well. Every staff member I have interacted with has left a genuinely positive impact on me. At Loyola, you are not just getting an education; you are also part of a community that cares about you!"

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Latest News 

  • January 17th-19th - Registration/Add continues for First 8-Week Session 
  • January 19th - Last Day to change to Full-Time Status or to Audit 
  • January 23rd - Last Day to drop courses for First 8-Week Session for 100% Refund 

Please keep in mind Loyola's Administrative Drop Policy 

Loyola's Resources: 

Success Coaching: 

Dr. Corina Caraccioli 

  • Assistant Dean and Director, Online Student Success 
  • (504) 865-2095 | (985) 605-0038 

Joy David 

Esme Robert 

Elizabeth Henning 

Madison Bates 

Staff Spotlight: Kaitlin Harper-Loendorf 

Kaitlin Harper-Loendorf

Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid 

I love working with Loyola's online students! I have been working in higher education for over a decade, and 7 of those years spent working with post-traditional students pursuing online degrees. I've been here since day one of Loyola's online programs and it's been an exciting and rewarding time, seeing so many students succeed in completing their degree. 

My #1 goal is to provide students with the information they need to make the most informed decisions about financing their degree. Financial aid is complicated, but I'm the expert so you don't have to be! Students should never hesitate to reach out with any questions or advice – that's what I'm here for, to support you! 

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